A little about me

After graduating in Veterinary Medicine in my home country at the University of Pisa, Italy, I decided to pursue a career in sustainable rural development. I have worked in developing countries and I am a keen traveller, valuing cultural knowledge in various rural settings.
My main interests are the environmental impact of livestock farming and the social barriers to the development of sustainable rural livelihoods. My involvement in community engagement projects in Latin America and the United Kingdom highlighted the importance of facilitating knowledge exchange and participatory activities to build social and cultural capital, in order to address the issues of climate change and sustainable agricultural systems.

What I am up to at the moment

I have just completed a PhD in Climate Change and Agriculture at Coventry University. The research topic was the socio-environmental impacts of greenhouse gas mitigation strategies on livestock farms. The work included organising and analysing large quantities of technical data, engaging with a selected group of farmers, creating a monitoring & evaluation system to assess greenhouse gases mitigation strategies at the farm level and providing recommendations on possible improvements, as well as analysing farmers’ feedback on barriers facing the implementation of greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies. During this time I have also given presentations at various conferences and at research institutions across Europe.

You can read a bit more about my research here.


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